Frequently Asked Questions

Orders & Questions:  631-253-2649



Thank you for your interest in purchasing a cemetery plot through your church.

For the past ten years, we have processed thousands of orders for hundreds of churches in New York.

All of the plots available through this special offer have been sold and the program has now come to a close.

Any orders received at the billing center will not be processed.


If you have already placed an order,
a cemetery plot has been reserved for you.

What would a plot at Pinelawn Memorial Park cost if I were to purchase it on my own, rather than from my church?
Plots at Pinelawn Memorial Park currently range from $2,695 to $19,995.


Are there maintenance fees or "perpetual care" fees?
Never. Free permanent maintenance is included forever!


Will the plot ownership deed ever expire?
No!  All deeds at Pinelawn Memorial Park are FOREVER DEEDS.


How does the INTEREST-FREE payment plan work?
You make a deposit with your order, then you will receive payment coupons for the remaining balance.


Can I prepay my account?
Absolutely!  You may make early payments, extra payments, or pay your account in full at any time.


When will I get my property deed?
After you complete your payments, your church will begin working on the necessary paperwork with Pinelawn.  You will receive your property deed approximately 12-24 weeks after you account has been paid in full.


What is the deed transfer fee for?
The deed transfer fee is a $62 fee paid to Pinelawn Memorial Park for processing the transfer of the plot deed from your church's name to your name.


How may burials can be made in each plot?
Two burials may be made in each plot.  One at 7' depth and one at 5' depth.


Is anything else required in order to make a burial in a grave?
Yes, Pinelawn Memorial Park requires the casket to be placed in a secure outer container. Concrete liners can be purchased at the time of need (not sooner) from Pinelawn Memorial Park or you may purchase one on your own (ie: from a funeral home.)  Also, an internment fee (open/close) will be due at time of burial.  Current prices for these items are available from Pinelawn Memorial Park by calling 631-249-6100.


Does Pinelawn Memorial Park use headstones?
No, Pinelawn Memorial Park allows bronze memorial plaques at the foot of the grave.  Bronze Plaques can be purchased from Pinelawn Memorial Park. Call or visit them for information & prices.


Who can be interred in my plot?
Anyone you authorize may be interred in your plot.


Once I own a plot, can I sell it or give it to someone else?
Yes, your deed is transferable, meaning you can give or sell it to someone else if you choose.